Our promise

We respect your time and will get you in, out, and on your way fast and safely. We do our research so we can provide expert advice customers can trust. We offer dependable, continuous support with quality products, special tools, computer system, and warranties.

Hassle free experience

Everything we do is designed with your complete experience in mind, as we put customers first with a friendly and straightforward repairing experience. Sac has as automated system which give customers the information they need in a way they can easily understand, plus our SMS system which notify you every step of process where your car is for you convince and understanding. If you choose to wait while we service your vehicle, you’ll find a neat, clean, air-conditioned customer lounge and restroom. There’s always a pot of hot coffee and friendly staff. We want you to know we adhere to get you trust us all the time.

Quality repairs

Sac motor developed the highest standard of quality of work, we always strive to have 0 back orders, 0 defects. We believe that when our customers hand over the keys to their vehicle, they’re also giving us their trust. We appreciate that, of course, which always is the basic premise of the quality of our work. With plus Ten thousands of repaired car, SAC specialized technicians represent the pinnacle of professionalism in the repair industry. SAC earned the trust of many insurance in Saudi market as a certified maintenance center.

Customer experience

One of SAC most important principles is customer comfort first. That why our team tries to provide a unique repair experience for our customers. SAC MOTOR, provide a professional collision service, starts with free estimate, car towing and all repair required to get your car back to street in perfect condition. Once your vehicle enters our repair centre, our service specialist keep in touch with you to update you on the repair status. We are keen to make you fully knowledgeable about everything that is fixed in your car.

Well thought out costs

Sac motor buys in bulk, and we pass a lot of the savings to our customers. We also know that spare parts prices can be easily manipulated by buying non original, aftermarket, or even used. We only deal with reliable vendors and are complete transparent with our customers on which parts are being use. And just to make sure of complete transparency we use the Audatex system which is dealer approved to provide the complete spare parts list that are needed.

SAC Motor warranty

At SAC MOTOR, we are dedicated to customer satisfaction. As our customer, your vehicle will receive the finest quality repair and we'll guarantee our work. Our policies and standards are designed to provide prompt, competent, courteous and professional service. Our philosophy, as professionals, is to provide excellent service and treat every vehicle as if it were our own. We specialize in high quality repairs that remain under warranty for as long as you own your vehicle. When your vehicle is repaired by SAC service centre, this means that the works have been done is guaranteed.

Speed of service

Time matters to all of us. Sac will finish your car within 9 day better than industry standard of 21 days. We are certain that time is the most important matter for you when repairing your car. SAC pay a great attention to time, all process is done under a fixed schedule, and all specialists will work hard to adhere to this schedule. We also take the speed even before we get the approvals, we speed up the process by having the free online estimation tool, the technician will notify you of this time when making an E-estimate, and our team will make every effort to finish the work as quickly as possible. Be certain, that speed at the SAC centre does not mean diminishing the quality of the job.