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Collision Repair

In SAC Motor, we service ALL parts of your vehicle, eliminating the need to visit multiple locations for repairs and helping ensure the longevity of your car. Vehicles that have been through an accident may require a substantial amount of work, but we offer experts in multiple specialities who will care for your vehicle as if it were their own. We have seen thousands of damaged vehicles come through our centre and our specialized technicians got them back out looking brand new again. At SAC motor, we work on many different makes and models that have been through any type of accident, whether large or small.

All Body Parts Repair

Vehicle body repairs are the most important and we also perform technical repairs as they restore the foundation of your vehicle. When a manufacturer designs and builds a car, they do so to meet safety and performance standards. After an accident, the integrity of your vehicle’s structure is often compromised. SAC Motor specialized technicians can restore your vehicle according to manufacturer’s specifications using industry-leading equipment

Dent Repair

Paintless dent removal is often used for door dings, minor body creases, minor bumper indentations, and most notably, hail damage to vehicles. Our specialized technicians will determine the severity of the damage to a panel and determine whether or not paintless dent removal is suitable.

Paint and Refinishing

When it comes to vehicle paint, SAC Motor has a variety of capabilities whatever is the type of scratch small or a full vehicle refinishing repair. Our in-house specialized technicians use top of the line spray equipment, premium paints, and spray booths to ensure your vehicle is returned to showroom quality and manufacturer specifications. SAC Motor offers a paint match guarantee on all paintwork to provide peace of mind to the customer. Your vehicle will be returned to you in pre-accident condition (or better!).

Aluminum Repair

SAC Motor provides the industry’s most trusted collision repair service, and that includes aluminum repair work. As more manufacturers introduce aluminum bodies into their vehicles, it’s more important than ever to have a repair shop that knows how to handle aluminum repair. SAC Motor uses certified technology, by using liquid cooled resistance spot welders which bring your vehicle back to original specifications.

Bumper Repair

Bumpers are often the first part of the vehicle to absorb contact in a collision. That’s why providing appropriate, safe bumper repairs is crucial. At SAC Motor, we provide both, the best tools, and most importantly, the specialized team to do the job correctly.

Mechanical Repairs

At SAC Motor, we offer a wide variety of services to meet all of our clients’ needs. We provide services for almost any vehicle service you need, from oil changes and engine work to transmission services and tire rotations. Not sure what the problem maybe? Bring your vehicle to our centre and we’ll help identify the issue and ensure it gets resolved.

Electrical Repairs

The term auto electric repair at SAC Motor refers to the whole range of restorative and maintenance procedures carried out on a vehicle’s electrical system. The auto electrical system is responsible for the car’s lighting system, the car’s automatic starting, the car’s audio system, and so much more.

Tire Repairs

Tires are more prone to breakdowns in the car. Bumps, potholes, and invisible hazards like nails can easily take your vehicle off the road, either damaging the tire itself, or the parts that keep your wheels turning. Even without immediate damage, your tires and wheels are susceptible to damage over time, so bring your vehicle to our specialists at SAC Motor and we’ll test their durability so you aren’t left stranded on the side of the road. At SAC Motor we also do wheel balancing and alignment, which will make your tires last longer

Total Loss Repair

In the instance that your vehicle is considered a total loss by your insurance company, SAC Motor is ready to help you settle! One of our specialized staff will consult with you to find the best economic solution by reducing the cost required to put your vehicle on the road again. We will use our experience and relationships in the market to secure used replacement parts, relying on repair instead of replacing parts for some cases. You can count on us to reduce your cost to a minimum.